Album Review: Turbowolf - The Free Life

AlbumReview – Turbowolf, The Free Life

It’s been almost three years since the Bristol rockers, Turbowolfreleased their last album and is due to release their third studio album, ‘TheFree Life’ on the 9th of March 2018. Was it worth the wait…? Most definitely!It might be their third, but could easily be mistaken for a debut album -  that special one where the band putseverything they have into it and you couldn’t have anticipated what’s to come.

The album kicks off with ‘No No No’ with high-pitched vocals andprominent guitars. Controlled chaos. The album maintains the high throughoutwith eleven tracks that alternate between heavyweight tracks like ‘Very Bad’featuring Chantal Brown, ‘Domino’ featuring Mike Kerr from Royal Blood withimpressive guitar riff and more toned-down rock tracks like ‘Half Secret’,‘Last Three Clues’ and the acoustic final track, ‘Concluder’ that winds downthe album. Joe Talbot from Idles features on ‘Capital X’ and Sebastian Graingeron ‘Cheap Magic’.

Every song is unpredictable and even after listening to the albuma few times, each time felt like the first. There are build-ups, build-downs, alteringvocals and epic guitar and bass riffs. Not the biggest fan of synthesisers,Turbowolf blurs the line between synth sounds and punk guitar – they make itsound good. My personal favourite track is ‘Domino’, but it’s difficult to saywhat songs stand out. Track one to eleven will be a fan favourite.

Just like their prior albums, this one is cutting-edge and pushesthe boundaries. It’s fresh, radical, exciting, risky and recorded by musiciansthat are passionate about the music. But what is this even? Innovative punk? Apunk revival? Heavy metal? Riff Rock? Its’ all the above and it works.  Undoubtedly this album will be well receivedand can’t wait to see them live on stage next week. Well done.

Track Listing

1.      No No No

2.      Capital X(feat. Joe Talbot)

3.      Cheap Magic(feat. Sebastian Grainger)

4.      Very Bad (feat.Chantal Brown)

5.      Halfsecret

6.      Domino (feat.Mike Kerr)

7.      Last ThreeClues

8.      Up & Atom

9.      Blackhole

10.  The Free Life

11.  Concluder

All Images ©Marianne Brits-Strodl
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