IAMX with Kat von D live at Electric Ballroom,Camden, London on the 3rd of March 2018

There was no better place to be than ElectricBallroom, Camden on Saturday. Those lucky enough to have got a ticket caughtIAMX on stage in support of the release of his latest LP, ‘Alive in New Light’,released earlier this month. What made this an extra special one, is thatlegendary tattoo artist, Kat von D would join him on stage. She makes anappearance on four tracks on the new album and this was the first time shewould perform live music. Electro artist, IAMX began back in 2004 in London asa solo project by now LA based, Chris Corner, formerly of Sneaker Pimps.

The most colourful crowd of people dressed inleather, feathers, lace, sparkles, face paint and glitter greeted me at theiconic Camden alternative venue. This was going to be a good one. A lot ofoverexcited fans started shouting, “I. AM. X”, “I. AM. X” from the second theyentered the venue.

There was no opening act and just after 8 pmthe lights dimmed to pitch-black. IAMX opened with the powerful new single,‘Alive in New Light’ and the crowd was instantly mesmerised by the petite,confident and beautiful creature that entered the dimly lit, atmospheric andsmoke filled stage accompanied by his touring band, Jon Siren (drums), JanineGezang (keys, bass, vox) and Sammi Doll (keys, vox). The show started with alot of vigour and it continued throughout.

For alt-rock song, ‘I Come with Knives’, Cornerput on his feathered headdress and the crowd erupted even more. Chrisintroduced Kat von D with a jiggle of glee and described her as as anincredible person and good friend. She came on stage and joined for ‘Stalker’, aseductive song about two lovers, perfectly portrayed by the two, which sentchills down my spine. Followed by ‘Stardust’, a masterpiece with layer uponlayer of pure genius, showmanship and artistry. It starts with a monotone synthrhythm before the melody sets in, which is reminiscent of Depeche Mode’s‘Personal Jesus’. The next song, ‘Exit’ had a hint of Bowie and a highlight ofthe night.

 Othersongs that stood out were ‘The Alternative’, strong, and bursting with energy;‘Kiss + Swallow’ and the hauntingly beautiful piano ballad, ‘The Power and theGlory’ - one done with Kat von D.

Corner used 3 microphones, at times two at atime and made his way around the stage dancing, jumping and engaging with therest of the band. Keys and bass guitarist, Janine Gezang complemented Chris’senergy and at times ruptured out bass riffs. The rest of the band was as tightas you can get.

The set alternated between powerful, moresombre ballads and energetic songs. Adding Kat von D to the show was a nicetouch and treat, but Corner sure knows how to put on a show by himself.   Theset consisted out of 15 tracks in total, which included two encores. The grandfinale was ‘This Will Make You Love Again’ and ended the second encore.

This was a vocally immaculate, sexy, raw,graceful, powerful, visually stimulating and inspiring show. Die-hard fans thatbraved the icy London weather conditions were not disappointed.

 Set list

Alive in New Light / Break the Chain / I ComeWith Knives / Happiness / Stalker (Kat von D) / Stardust (Kat von D) / Exit /North Star / Body Politics / Spit it Out / Your Joy is My Low / Encore: The Alternative / Kiss + Swallow/ The Power and the Glory (Kat von D) / Encore2: This Will Make You Love Again

All Images ©Marianne Brits-Strodl
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